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Channel Fires is a amateur project who tries to connect Informations of Ignatian Spirituality.

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Jun 4, 2011

Upgrade and revitalize

I now understand better the tools we have the Internet, I can now define a bike to own the blog, and not only show other Blogs.

Currently I try to find a way to bring closer to the young audience, the documents of the church, and I opted for the Vatican II as a priority. But the creation of dynamic forms of a document makes it difficult for theologians.

1.Também better define my vision mode, which I share to be the closest of Ignatius of Loyola by Teilhard de Chardin, and remember what he said, the theologians do not take into account humanity in motion.

2. I will try to post topics related to the apostolic mission of the Canal fireworks in this language, which is nothing more engaging by itself totatilidade that encourages Teilhard.

3.Autonomia free engagement, without bureaucracy, hierarchies. This means mutual trust. As wanting to control the world, if not even God attempts? This second form is the one that Teilhard says, expect to know that others also do their part.

So anyone who wants to help Ignatian amateur in this project in other languages​​, should be aware of this tripod.